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The Amazing Diet Book


Join the hundreds of thousands of people who have enjoyed The AMAZING DIET.

The Best Selling AMAZING DIET Book takes all available diets to a whole new level of effectiveness.  The AMAZING DIET is the only diet, supercharging your KETO diet with a patented FDA, Canada Health, and European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), all-natural, high fiber, low-calorie, KETO friendly, sugar replacement product. Arguably the best-tasting sugar replacement product in the world. This product has had the benefit of 5 human clinical trials attesting to its safety and efficacy. The AMAZING DIET Book is the only such diet to be able to introduce this remarkable product to you.

The AMAZING DIET Book is simple easy and fun to follow.  In one week alone, you could lose approximately 15 lbs or more. Plus many inches off of your waist, chest, hips, thighs, and at the same time not feel hungry.  Follow the book and its delicious recipes for each day and watch the pounds come off.

The AMAZING DIET Book is a one-year plan to not only lose significant amounts of weight but also improve overall general fitness.

Also, look for a tremendous section written by Dr. Zhu Ph.D. that explains the science of the special ingredient we call “Vitafiber” that kicks the sugar out of your diet and provides wonderful digestive health through its prebiotic function.  Over 27 years of science have gone into the development of this remarkable product.

Pre-order your copy of The AMAZING DIET Book.  We have a limited first edition of 10,000 copies signed by authors and these signed copies can become a very valuable collectible. Order your copy now!